Monday, June 21, 2010

Tai Chi 42 Part 1-4 - Total Demo by Miss Ng Ah Mui

Tai Chi 42, Part 1, Part 4 - Total Demo. Tai Chi is a format used in international competitions. Tai Chi: An Exercise in Anti-aging Tai chi, the choreographed meditative exercises that have been an art of healing in China for thousands of years of over 100 million players worldwide and owes its popularity to a simple fact - it is beautiful and makes you stronger. Recent studies confirm that when practiced regularly - 30 minutes three times a week - which has manyThe health benefits are: higher energy prices decreased stress, boost immunity against viruses, reduced blood pressure, improves cognitive function, increased joint mobility, improved cholesterol, relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia and sleep better at night. It strengthens the leg muscles and provides a better balance and posture. Perhaps the best part is that Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that can be done by anyone at any age.

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