Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skiing Tips

Alpine skiing is a sport loved by many. It 'very popular in North America and Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan and South Korea. It is gaining popularity in China. The slopes of steep mountains covered with snow are the best for the sport. And 'the use of cross slide down the mountain. The main challenges in the sport of speed and direction Descent Control. snowplow stop technology will shape and turn the skis toward the interior.

Skiers areAdvanced ski method with parallel again. The skis are in parallel with each other to allow the distribution of weight. The angle of the ski resort (angle) is an important consideration. Determine the friction on the edges, the biggest change is generated. Modern carving use. This is an advanced technique, in which the knees are rolled on the sides. The hips and torso upright.

With confidence, skiers are able to cope with steep slopes, long time. InNorth America, the slope is steepest black diamond, which has a dual line compensation and difficult passages. The average slopes are marked by blue squares. You are not run by machines. Easy and gentle slope are marked with green check marks in the media. competitive skiing is divided into two disciplines. He is the freestyle and the racing type.

Racing disciplines. They are: the giant slalom and downhill are super giant slalom. Slalom is a professional and fastCeremony rules are determined by the FIS. Adjust the size of the ski, with his face cut, high and start binding straps. There are other FIS unregulated gained popularity. The most popular, and Big Mountain Ski limit.

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