Saturday, June 19, 2010

Healthcare reform idea

It 'a fact that everyone has health insurance. This is especially true for children. But it is expensive, and many of us can afford. Why so expensive?

We all know that we must see big profits for big insurance companies. And 'capitalism at its best. Add to this the fact that medical treatment is expensive. Doctors and nurses have done for them, they are paid. But in addition to paying each time a bag of ice or Language in a hospital. Because about 25 dollars for a single analgesic?

All costs for which the drug is expensive. We did not even say the pharmaceutical industry. The reality is that to pay if we pay our health insurance or pay the payment directly. This is just unacceptable. Medicine is a business and business is conducted for profit. This probably will not change any time soon.

The problem with this model is that> Health seems that money to those who have good insurance or lots. Unfortunately, the news that the health insurance industry, doctors and Big Pharma.

This model of health insurance has the impression of health for the years you have to trust others. If you're sick, you have to trust a doctor for diagnosis and prescription. If the general health, but less expensive and equallyeffective in many cases, insurance will not pay more.

Prevention is awarded regardless of our current model of health, prevention is not in any case. Prevention is done after examining evidence of catching a disease in its early stages. But does that mean the prevention, so that does not happen in the first place. Here's how health insurance can reduce costs for customers.

We are bombarded with messages every dayWe have health screenings, to find the right medicine for an illness or symptom, and if the drugs do not work, there is always surgery.

Nutrition, natural immunity, and anything that can help, not the disease settles in the back seat. While reports of ongoing research that a healthy diet is important, immunity, many healthy foods have anti-cancer, and support of many nutrients (ie strength) of the immune system, we said noPower in the disease.

It is believed that heart disease to cancer, hypertension, diabetes and many other degenerative diseases of the blue. It 's something that unfortunately you born and when my father told me when he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

However, current research has not documented the effects of environmental toxins in our body. There are about 80,000 industrial toxins and uses very little explored. Examples of knowledgeOffenders.

DDT is a pesticide that was banned in all seventy for use in the United States. But it is always present in water, soil, fish and foul. DDE is a breakdown of pesticides and humans. Some health problems associated with hypothyroidism increase the production of tumors, including breast cancer and hormonal problems.

Perchlorate is a chemical residues in drinking water in the United States. And 'known thyroid inhibitor.

I drawthese health insurance, because the effective prevention of these diseases continue to require the expansion of the discussion in the mine. More can happen in sickness, looking for drugs that slow the progression and relieve symptoms. This is not prevention.

The health insurance companies may benefit if it focuses on information for patients and clients, so a true prevention. The emphasis on nutrition, diet, the negative impact of bad food, because they strengthen the immune systemNaturally, and as a help to remove environmental toxins from the body before they can cause damage to save everyone a lot of time and effort.

actual age of their health should be rewarded by lower prices for health, despite what they are, race or sex. Perhaps the return of those who use integrated route and end up with lower risk factors, including weight reduction, reducing blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol should be considered.

TheThe bottom line is that they are responsible for their health. We must let the message that the disease only if they occur. Although there are many factors, environmental factors, diet and lifestyle play an important role. We have the power to control them.

But if the medical community and insurance companies, and use, having to work together. We must work together to get the message, which applies to health, prevention and accountabilityAll we have to take our lives.

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