Sunday, June 27, 2010

The second chakra, sacral plexus (Navel) - Kristopher Stone

Chakra CD Kristopher Stone. as CD or download, in addition to load in different positions. This is one of seven informative videos is based on a sample of 2 minutes from the chakras audio CD, which is based specifically designed for the professional healing environment. Originally designed with teachers Annie Benefield and Jerry Lawrence, the Chakras CD is 60 minutes long total, including 'Alpha Mapping State Time' (fromor less at a frequency of 60 beats per minute and gradually decreased during the game). Each piece begins with 30 seconds of sound water and a drone ('Ohm Space ") in the button on the right note for this chakra. Each CD includes a CD of data by Kristopher Stone Chakra nuances Chart.Other Shasta (with Rex Golston), in remote locations (with AHRI), Tantra and Christmas Dance Interior, CD collections and other "songs" with Kristopher Stone and co-authors. Read moreAbout Kristopher Stone, more images in this video are obtained from Some photos were obtained from Wiki Commons. The texts are drawn from information from many different books and websites. ____________________________________ Finding creative ways to help your marriage? Check out the website http ideas marriage self-help, wisdom, psychology and products. Products packaged in the blog, and a selection of books, music...

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