Saturday, February 11, 2012

Imogen Heap - Aha! (Lyrics)

[NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED] Lyrics : La la la la, La la la la, La la la la, La la la La la la la, La la la la, La la la la la Eat, Sleep, breathe it, you're full of the stuff Go bag it, tie it up tight Wheat-meat-dairy-free, teetotal, happy clappy High on life, you should try it, try it, you know Go on while no one's looking. A-ha! Gotcha now! Caught red handed in the biscuit tin! Cost you to keep me quiet! Golden boy boots, Pocket pedal stool Picking sharp smart moves Plastic, tin can, paper separator Busy bee wave, wave save the planet flag But sneaky in suburbia A-ha! Candid Camera Hook, line and sinker For the four-wheel drive Cost you to keep me quiet! Keep me quiet! (Keep me quiet!) Nicest, sweetest, upmost in everything So charming, very charming Well read, can play the fool, no one's ill at ease and put their deepest swiss bank trust in you No one saw it coming Aaaha! Aaaaaaha! Aaaaaaaaaha! You killed a man Cost you to keep me quiet!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Caroline Myss, Energetics of Healing Vol1 1of 10

You have heard Dr. Caroline Myss share her revelations about the human body'senergy anatomy. You have read her stunning insights into why some people heal and others don't. Now, on The Energetics of Healing, you can see Dr. Myss present her groundbreaking views on the human energy system and the unseen obstacles to total wellness. Join bestselling author and health authority Dr. Caroline Myss for a fascinating guided tour of this hidden dimension of the human body. Using computer graphics created especially for this program, Dr. Myss pulls back the curtain on the body's physical anatomy to reveal its energy anatomy. She guides you through all seven chakra centers and correlates them with daily practices for learning the physical language of the spirit - and the spiritual language of the body. The Energetics of Healing offers a bold new vision of the human body and the unseen obstacles to healing.