Monday, June 28, 2010

Health? Attached Sicko Sob Stories

These are people who have seen "Sicko Michael Moore's success." Those who had coverage for health care and treatment are still being denied the money or not. How can this happen in America? About Us

I need to understand what was happening. In 2006, health insurance contributions by 7.7%, more than double the rate of inflation. Health insurance premiums each year for a family of four was $ 11.500 in 2006, according to the National Coalition About health care thatare not even deductible from $ 2,500 per year. The site of the Coalition for National Statistics afraid. The total cost of health care in 2004 were $ 1,400,000,000,000 ... planned for 2015 ... 4.0 billion dollars!

Instead of a rational debate on a national system of health, suffering from damage and half-truths. John Stossel of ABC, wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Sick Sob Stories. I was surprised the article title and the tone. He said Ms. Pierce does not knowwhat they say, and makes no mention of other treatments were unsuccessful. Ms. Pierce John Stossel did not even interview for this article. The response has been issued will be shown. (The two sources of parts.)

I would also like John Stossel, the exhibition relate to the lack of medical care and long waiting periods in Canada and the United Kingdom. People in the film "Sicko" had nothing but praise for his medical treatment he received. Ifamily and friends in both countries. My aunt in Montreal, had a pacemaker updates six times in the last 15 years. My Uncle was in the hospital immediately when they discovered she had cancer. He felt his treatment was first class for months. An old friend, the college now lives in Britain with the ongoing support of a variety of conditions. She says she has no time to wait and receive excellent service. I assume that Mr. Stossel reported conditionsnot spread too broadly.

Comment by Mr. Ram "Mr. Moore believes that the benefit of the enemy and the government is the answer. The opposite is true. The advantage is that the amazing scientific innovations that the U.S. has created the world."

I refer to the 2015 estimated cost of four billion dollars of healthcare costs has been mentioned. I can pay the premiums you pay now! I fear now that getting a disease, I was denied "a letter on this topic.

Mr.Ram, if their allegations are true, because the number of attention in the United States the 37th World Health Organization: "We are just ahead of Slovenia and Cuba! Something wrong with this picture. Bill McGuire is director of United Health Group 1600000000 truly deserving of dollars in stock options? quarterly profits in recent years, the spin is reported healthy enough to make head. I think someone is in the other and may be "denied".

I agree with Mr. Stosseltotal government control can not be answered. things are a bit 'of mud. We all have horror stories about $ 465 toilet seat, etc., but I think a thorough debate and reasonable national health systems is needed. After all, sending a man on the moon in 1969. We can certainly find a solution. We just delivered over 800 million dollars in health care health insurance, but I can not answer this question.

I think it's time, people were informed and debate.We need to be heard in interest groups and make our opinions. Perhaps, like the French in March, the film "Sicko" is, they believe the government tramples on their rights.

Borders Pueblo Sin (People without Borders) has won the first page of this report to demonstrate outside the Congress. This group is for the "illegal rights" in SU Home News! Approximately 1 million immigrants have settled in the month of April (2006) at the National Capitol Immigration Coalition. Youclaim their rights?

Something is not with this picture. It is time that we all care who participated in the discussion of health and correct this situation, "Sicko situation." Maybe we Americans are able to answer the question posed in the movie ... About Us


The article in the Wall Street Journal article in the Wall Street Journal Lord Ram response to Mr. Pierce woman next article Stossel

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