Saturday, June 12, 2010

P90X: P90X birthday in April and lost 12 inches!

Then I fell and I won again with all my strength. Now I'm stronger and will stand up and try again. It 'been two weeks since I last made a video, and my actions have made a difference. I lost a total of 11 1 / 2 inch of my body. but gained two pounds. This is not a big problem. I am satisfied with my result and I'll do much better next update. Thanks for all the time for my videos and thanks to all my friends and supporters and all that was visibleSUB! Thank you all, would not be possible without all this led me to drive Tony Horton P90X Results going.P90x Helms Melissa maintained a weight loss of women P90X P90X P90X Transformation fat people see me fat reduce training women lose weight, build muscle burn p90 P90X plyometrics fat fast fitness health healthy daughter Melissa x Ripper hot girls P90X routine four weeks before and after

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