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Top 5 Exercises for Total Body Fitness

What if I told you that it is best to get in the way of life, even if you do not have time to practice, even if they are employed, and even if you do not know where to start?

There are many exercises that can pay off, but if you want fast results, it is preferable to focus on the best fitness exercises for the body. Although these exercises are known, may not have recognized its importance for the development of a Constitution desirable because it means greaterResistance and heart function, tight and sexy thighs, buttocks and legs and muscular arms. Do you not know how to make a copy in your routine - until today.

Squats: The squat is one of a series of basic fitness, all you can do more exercises, and is one of the best. Working parts of the body simultaneously, including the base, quads, thighs and calves.

Whatever you do, do not incorporate squats into your routine. If training for strength, with solidBar or dumbbells in your hands. If desired, the strength and cardio with bodyweight squats.

Pushups: This exercise is not a secret, but people do not use it enough. Many women and men still have weak arms, soft and chest. The best way to develop is to integrate from the beginning of the daily push-ups in your routine. Working with the breast, shoulders, triceps, abdominal and back muscles (core).

The key is to take over with push-ups in different types of lizardsroutine. If you can not do a "standard" push-up complete, start with the version amended in the knees. Then, you work at the regular push-ups.

Evolution of iron

Wall pushup: Stand facing a wall. The farther the foot of the wall, the more difficult. Leaning against the wall.

Contador Lizards: Lizards supported from the edge of the bench.

Knee Push-up: The standard push change "knees-up

Foot isNow, reached the normal level of iron, congratulations!

other lizards that rule:

Big Hands - Place hands on the ground at a greater distance (over shoulder). This also works the muscles back.

Close Hands - Place hands on the floor adjacent to each other (maybe a foot away or less). Very difficult. Feet - Place your feet on a chair or other object and bring up from the ground. Difficult. Handstand Push-ups - This is my favorite pushupbuild back stronger and more last year. If you're a man, must be able to do so.

Go to a handstand, cut the feet against the wall, then go down and laughs. If you can be part of them that are good. To help you cope successfully with these tools, you may want to tiptoe around him, "to trace" the wall or a friend, your feet and help you through it. First, it should be your destination, your stay in an ATR with feetGo to the wall.

Walking or running Hills: Want extreme health, a healthy body and a healthy heart? Try to walk or run for the hills. This is one of the best exercises for general fitness. So go look in your hills, and the courage to go to hell for them!

Pullups and pull-ups, many women lack of upper body strength. Unfortunately, this can lead to injuries and lack of capacity, many common movements such as lifting a box (or a son, Will), strongmuscles of the upper body.

E 'for all women, to strengthen these muscles work in the two best exercises for you: push-ups and chin. The fact pull-up pull-up, and difficult does not mean that women can not! In fact, you should be able to lift the arms of your body with his. In nature, this type of movement is very simple and, indeed, a matter of survival.

For men, the benefits of pull ups and push-up exaggerated: it will build a strong and enviable newmuscular arms.

For women, I set a goal of at least a full house to do two pullup and pull-ups do with a future "last" The goal of at least three pull-ups and five pull-ups.

To begin with, the use of machines pullup attended the gym, or follow the following procedure:

Hang for 30 seconds or as long as possible in a situation in which her body moved across the street from a bar. You can use a chair to reach this situation. If you feel you can not stop moreslopes gently in a slow and controlled. To do this five times.

Get on a chair and consider what kind of curve in her arms before being rebuilt. After five times there. Improve from there.

Hang from a bar and see how you can shoot up to five times.

Do these exercises three times a week 2-3 and guaranteed in advance (with some breaks of a few minutes to warm up, for example).

For men, a goodMeasurement of the force would be able to make a series of five push-ups with 10% of the weight on your body (like the extra weight).

The council is a powerful movement of insulation used in yoga and pilates and working the abs, back, arms and legs and abdominal muscles inner strength is your business!

To do this, lie down on the table with his elbow on the floor next to chest. To grow the economic position, while resting on elbows or hands.Then press the ABS and keep your body straight. Hold for 30-60 seconds, then slowly lower to the ground and rest for 15-30 seconds. Repeat whenever you can. Start kneeling on the table and work gradually.

So there you have it, 5 powerful exercises, every man and woman should include in your fitness program and increase functional strength.

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