Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The loss of the last 10 pounds

I do not think that the ability to watch TV while working in Iraq, even if I'm home for the holiday R & R on the TV to watch my favorite reality show, weight loss. You know the shows dramatic changes in the body?

I found a show called the "last 10 pounds boot camp." Not everyone has a huge amount of weight loss. Many of us have fought for 10 pounds. We fought muffin top, "the part that hangs over your life. Ifafter me?

As I always say, there is nothing new. It 'the same basic information. Let me share with you the fundamental truths of the sample and the weight of the base, or more specifically, fat loss.

First, the refined carbohydrates in the exhibition, the first thing he did and what we seek in our pantry for the culprit, which is to remain in the past New kilos. They are called refined carbohydrates. What falls into this category? If you are in a box, usually a refined carbohydrates.

The list ofThe food is: pasta, sugary cereals, baking mixes, cookies, chips, crackers, instant potatoes, instant rice. We immediately. There are limits to what is found in an area that is not a good diet.

So-called healthy foods in the refrigerator. Yogurt is one that immediately comes to mind. Many brands are low in calories or fat, but if you look at the number of grams of sugar, which are outrageous.

A few years ago, the latest trend in "good health" was little or no fat.Instead of fats, which have begun to eat large amounts of refined carbohydrates, sugars and preservatives. We have been increasingly in record time and a disease called diabetes.

In this special program that had four weeks to lose weight. He lost 8 pounds in two weeks. What they did was to make the dough, biscuits and cakes to eat out of your routine.

According to Move "I know where you find the time? I guarantee that if something is important to you, you will find the time. We can notmust be two hours a day, but you have 20 minutes here and there?

Maximize your time with training sessions effectively. You can curl biceps when performing squats. You can do triceps discounts, while a step Mamba. While working on his passage from your favorite music, you can also use a variety of upper body training.

Have you heard this before, but outside the stairs instead of elevators, additional parking, walking instead of riding, you can easily perform aHis day. Even small changes are better than nothing. This change in lifestyle involved.

Never think that you can not get a huge block of time for training, can not happen. Do things, but nothing moving.

Perhaps the third most responsible thing I've done, and there is evidence, if you say to someone who probably have more success. We all need a space of support. Some of us learn the basicsNutrition, but many of us need someone to hold their feet to the fire or call the support and love.

One of my favorite transformation coach Anthony Robbins. He tells us are motivated by pain or pleasure. I think it's absolutely true.

I can speak from personal experience that many of my clients say, "Atta boy," just as much need to drive a sergeant and keep them on track. But the fund, we are moreThe success if we have someone to help us.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 (NIV) 9 Two are better than one, because it is a good return for their work: If you have 10 pipes, his friend can help him up. Woe to him who falls and has no one to meet! 11 Again, if two lie together, they keep you warm. But how can one keep warm? 12 Although it may be defeated, the two can defend. A threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Who can winFighting the Battle of the Bulge with you? It 's a friend, spouse or even a personal trainer or my book, the temple of God 40 days total transformation? Do it now. Get an accountability partner or coach.

Fourth Floor planning is one of the most important steps. We have no time to cook dinner for us the food to go. Come on, we're kidding? How long does it take to make a roast chicken salad or fish and a bit '? It is not the time it takes to be a hard fast foodRestaurant, waiting in the drive through window and go home.

I can not say how many people ask me for help and explain its 'diet and exercise routine great for me. It' s the same thing, have tried for months or even years. My answer is: "How to work for you? "You just need a new plan, Stan!

I have some good and reliable service for planning:

No plan and can not plan.

The definition of madness is the same thing and moreand again and waiting for different results.

Fifth Action Programme Some of us are still trying to implement a plan on paper. We did the research, writing exercise routine, usually to buy organic foods healthier, our training sessions are planned, but never up More importantly, action.

James 2:17 (New International Version) 17 inches in the same way, faith by itself, if not accompanied by action, is dead.

My friend, if you do not ever. Success No matter how many positive affirmations to recite what you hear the guru of motivation or fitness shoes amount of clothes you have. If nothing is done, you will never be successful. E 'in stock, you get the desired result that bad!

When I wrote the temple of God, 40 days for a total transformation, is not intended to write in my other book, diet and fitness. As the wise King Solomon said: "What has been will be again, whatIndeed happen again, there is nothing new under the sun. "

I think it is also true for health. There is nothing new under the sun.

Most of us know that a protein, carbohydrate, cardio and weights. So why do we still grow? Because we are a nation that is becoming thicker and healthier every day? Certainly not a lack of knowledge. Turn on the TV to listen to the radio, Internet, Google or visit your local library. AllThe information is there!

the temple of God 40 days total transformation goes beyond good nutrition and exercise, but a complete transformation. One thing we can do with the mental element of overall health, fitness and wellness. The Bible, were the changes within 40 days. It can be quite a transformation in 40 days.

I am saying that you can pass a size 22 to size 12 in 40 days? Of course not.

Can you feel betterHave a closer relationship with God, to lose weight, centimeters and a healthy gain in 40 days? Course, of course! All proposals must lose 10 pounds in the past are completely efficient;

refined carbohydrates or limiting

Liability or

or are implemented

or plan

or action

As they say in the film industry, is a wrap.

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