Monday, August 23, 2010

Dalit Adhikar Aandolan Artik part-1

Stop stealing SCSP / TSP money for SC / ST to provide higher (25%) of the Union / State budget after 60 years of independence, marginalized groups such as castes and tribes of India was the whole Indian society. The human development indicators of these communities are still very bad. The commitments of the UPA government in its Common Minimum Programme and slogans are inclusive growth is not reflected in policy. The budget of these communities are dark and notneeds and requirements of these communities. During the sixth floor, led the Indian government, a strategy known as Special Component Plan (SCP), which, like caste Sub Plan (SCSP) for the economic welfare of Dalits is renamed and is mandatory for all ministries and central ministries . The plan provides direct benefits to persons of caste, families and villages. The annual plan of States / Union Territories (UTS)Plan are allocated in proportion to population, 16% of the total population of SC Crotali country or countries concerned. It was noted, however, over the past 27 years Caste Sub Plan beginning 1979-80, the Union and Governments and UT, the guidelines in question and not follow the guidelines of the CPSS. The plan allocation of the budget is not made accordingly. So far, the 2007-08 Union budget is concerned,Total ...

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