Thursday, August 5, 2010

Halo 3 - Floodgate High Score - 157,035 points

Difficulty: Legendary (x4) Skulls: Iron (x3), Tough Luck (x1.5), Catch (x1.5), Fog (x1.5), hunger (x2), Thunder (x1.5), Tilt (x2) Mythical (x2) Total: x19 Time Bonus: x3 multiplier Total: x57 attributes Skull: Iron: If you die, you must restart the level. Bad Luck: Enemies Dodge better Catch: AI throw more grenades (does not affect the flood) Fog: No motion Famine: some ammo of weapons of medium drums have Storm: AI promoted a series of inclination: to improve strength and weaknesses IAMythic: Amnesty International Health are twice as many points: Application Support: 10 x 57 = 570 points each form of combat: 15 x 57 = 855 points for the shape armored combat: 20 x 57 = 1140 points each were from: 30 x 57 = 1710 points each form Stalker: 20 x 57 = 1140 points per tank: 50 x 57 = 2850 points each / referee Elite / Marina = -50 x 57 = -2850 points each Marine Sergeant = 100 x 57 = -5700 points each Note that the x57, including the award is the time bonus at the end, you get points for the video receivedthird of the total number of points at the end. Boni Stick: x1.25 Headshot: x1.25 Assassination: x1.25 Multi-Kill: x1.25 EMP: x1.25 Example: Get a Combat shot to the head of a form - 855 x 1.25 = 1068.75 = 1069 each! For a high quality of this video, you can find here:

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