Friday, September 23, 2011

The Health Benefits of Onions You know there are onions that make your eyes water and others that don't. What happens is when we cut an onion, rupture its cell walls, a specific phytonutrient allyl sulfate which is produced when sulfur compounds are released and that causes your eyes to tear up. And its this very same compound that is very beneficial in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Onions also contain a concentrated source of Quercetin which has an anti-inflammatory effect and is often seen in natural allergy remedies. The yellow onions contain the most Quercetin while the sweeter onions, like Maui or Vidalia onions, the ones that dont make you tear up, will have the least amount of nutrients. This is because they are left in the soil longer, where much of their carbohydrates turn to sugar, which is why they are sweet, but at the same time, much of the nutrients are lost during the longer stay in the ground. So the stronger the smell, the healthier the onion is for you. Onions are also a very good source of chromium and studies with diabetics have shown that chromium not only decreases fasting blood glucose levels, but also decreases total cholesterol and triglycerides levels while increase HDL levels which is very beneficial for the heart. Onions are also high in fiber and Vitamin C. Known for their anti-inflammatory properties, this is a food that would benefit those with arthritis, asthma and consider eating onions the next time you have a cold and you are ...

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