Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poker Isometrics Triceps

This video demonstrates a Poker Isometrics technique that works the triceps. This is a really great technique to burn off excess stress and adrenaline, and really let's you work the muscles intensely and expend some energy in a very discrete way. Learn more at www.Poker-Isometrics.com Let's face it. Poker may be the most high-energy and exciting game in the world, but the reality is that you play it sitting on your butt. We've all spent dozens of hours at a time sitting at casino poker tables or in front of computer screens-and we've all wondered "In the long run, is it even possible to play poker every day and still be fit and healthy?" The truth is that while poker demands high levels of mental energy, it requires virtually no physical energy or exertion. Even the longest, toughest poker tournament gives you far less exercise than playing a single round of golf. Meanwhile, suppressing and holding back your body's "Fight or Flight" responses to risk and frustration can fill your blood with damaging stress hormones. Stressed out, tense, emotionally upset, frustrated and Tilted, players can struggle to think and play well. The REAL secret about Tilt is that the emotional responses that cause it are visceral, hormonal, physical reactions: physical reactions not easily controlled by merely changing your thoughts. To truly overcome Tilt, you must find a way to unleash your body and burn off stress and aggression while you play: Poker Isometrics. This book reveals hidden ...


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