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Spa - the concept

Wellness is a term that is still popular in modern times. But what does "wellness"? Welfare means that we are good physical samples or should go beyond the physical? You may need to consider all aspects of our body to determine if they are really "good."

Most people think they are good if you do not have symptoms of serious illness or disease. It is possible for problems such as insomnia or are experiencingHeadache, but life-threatening. Consequently, it is relatively good. Or are they?

We are flooded with tips to stay healthy. However, this can lead to information overload, confusion and often see people who contribute to a general dissatisfaction with the man himself. It 'easy to confuse with ourselves when we are sick to find. We can blame for our illnesses, because they were not eating or drinking too much exercise, orrevealed to us. After all, if we believe that all media object represented, we should all be able to reach a perfect state of health.

Taking into account the achievements of modern medicine in recent decades, the questions to human health, often fatal are now curable. Thanks to these advantages, it seems incredible that something as simple as the common cold remains a common problem.

Search replacement therapy, is the labyrinthdifficult to negotiate. So there are a number of alternative therapies, it is difficult to know what is best for our individual needs.

The point of view of orthodox medicine and alternative medicine are completely different. Welfare policies medical school because of the absence of symptoms. If they do not show physical signs of the disease, then you are as good. In this disease, most often by external factors such as bacteria, is the usual treatmentDrugs or surgery.

Alternative medicine or holistic medicine, concentrating on the other side is for the whole body. The person, as seen in holistic medicine, is composed of body, mind, emotions and spirit. The term wellness is a holistic medicine, provided that if all these aspects of my job effectively and bring about harmony.

Holistic healing therapies and preventive. Not only increases your system, if necessary, can also be usedhealthy. In conventional medicine, it seems that maintaining our health is considered a single set of rules for everyone. However, the integral of medicine, each person is to see it as an individual needs to maintain good health is something that we have chosen for him. It 's just a matter of finding a balanced lifestyle within our own borders to adapt.

Common to both areas of medicine, but there are three mainAspects of research and preservation of health are the same.:

1. Food

2. Operation and

3. Relax


Nutrition is obviously a very important component of wellness. Monitoring results too much alcohol and lack of a nutritious diet are well documented. The incidence of morbid obesity is increasing, leading to a number of other problems with the concept of general welfare. It may be a number of reasons why yourPeople are not in a balanced diet. These reasons may be physical, psychological or economic.

Emotional problems can cause comfort foods or overeating or starvation. There are also diseases such as anorexia and bulimia, the way a person eats and the consequent discomfort affects the person who knows.


The move is another important component of health. Our body is not maintained in good condition through exercise,Deteriorate. A body shape not only allows you to feel good physically, but also improves emotional and mental health. Studies in 1970 found that exercise can be equally effective in treating depression.

Holistic Therapy believes that there is a blockage or imbalance in the flow of energy and current practice in the energy balance, so that the person calm and revitalized. The exercises, which are from the east, such as Tai Chi and YogaSpecially designed to operate in this energy. It 'also the goal of shiatsu, acupuncture, reflexology and acupressure.

Relaxation and stress management

Inability to manage problems before us, to face in situations of stress. These events can be happy or sad, according to many in the medical profession, stress is responsible for about seventy percent of diseases. This is based on the fact that stress leads to our immune system and makes us vulnerable tocertain diseases.

The main way to reduce stress through relaxation. Everyone relaxes in different ways, which will pass through music, painting, walking, O.

Relaxation is as important as the physical and mental relaxation can be achieved through yoga or self-hypnosis.

Psychotherapy or counseling can help deal more effectively to give more importance to stress and recognize our lives. You can alsoidentify and help to influence the unresolved conflicts of our lives.

Thus, the notion of well-being is a combination of a variety of treatments, the most important in their own way. In essence, each with a different line of attack, while working to achieve the objective at all levels. psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, to focus on the emotions and spirit. Homeopathy focuses on physical and mental wellness, massage, nutrition and herbal medicine. ClassicsMedicine is mainly focused on physical symptoms of the disease and advice on nutrition and other things that affect the physical body.

Obviously, there are several aspects of the concept of wellness. What a person does not always work for another. E 'then a case of finding what works for you and take care of all aspects of your being.

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