Friday, December 17, 2010

Jungling Akali Tutorial

Important! to do this you either need: cloth armor+ 5x health pot 21 def/9 utility Quints-Flat HP Seals-Flat Armor Glyphs-Flat CD reduct Quints- FLat armor or magic pen OR dorans blade + 5x hp pot 21 offense 9 utility (make sure to get the ignite one as well as the one that gives u 3 xtra dmg) Runes- Somehow manage to get 10ap and 1 dmg this can be done with all T1 flat ap glyphs, 2 T1 flat ap quints, and 6 flat dmg marks, all for a total of only 510 ip. This takes up 15 rune slots +2 quints slots :( You can do this with like with T3 runes so that u dont waste as much rune space and dont ahve to use any quint space, but itll cost u like 5k+ i believe. u also need a T3 Flat HP quit, but im assuming u have that since u need that for just about any jungler and being one of the best generic quint check out Stargirls akali vid : after hitting lvl 4 i suggest going ganking and getting a kill but u can keep jungling as u please if u please. u just wont get as much love from ur team Check out my channel- I will have jungling guides for 1/2 the heros with ratings for each soon

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