Saturday, December 11, 2010

In fact, the control Lou Dobbs

Immigration actually contribute to a report on diseases of illegal immigrants in the United States, one of the correspondents of his show, Christine Romans, Dobbs said that 7,000 cases of leprosy in the United States the last three years. 60 minutes per test, and found a report from the SU Department of Health and Human Services has published and said that 7000, the number of new cases of leprosy in the last 30 years in the last three. The report also says that nobody knowsmany of these cases involve illegal immigrants. "We went to try to verify that the number, 7000 can not ...," said Steel. "Well, I can say. If reported, it is a fact," Dobbs says. "You can not say that I've done the report," said Steel. "I'm doing," said Dobbs. "How can you guarantee that to me?" Stahl asks. Dobbs said: "Because I am the editor. And that's how we operate. We are not numbers, Lesley, are you?" It turns out that someone has done thisNumbers. Even after Dobbs was informed that his information was contradicted by the federal government, the repeated false information on the day after your program, Dobbs: And it was a question about some comments, Christine. After one of his reports, "said Leslie Stahl, we do not make the numbers, and I say to everyone here tonight, I am 100 percent behind what he said. Romano: Yes, Lou. We do not have the number here . This is what we reported. If you know...

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