Monday, May 17, 2010

Stay Fit and Healthy With These Simple Rules

What does it take to be fit and have a healthy body?

Eat more fruits?
More vegetables?
Doing sports activities regularly?

Some of them are true. But, we have to know what kind of nutrition we need and how we combine all of that so our body needs for nutrition could be fulfill.

Beside vitamins, we also need minerals to fulfill our body needs. The benefit of vitamins and minerals for health just found recently in this 20th centuries. Nutrition is one of the health factor which is important for our body. And other factor is get enough rest and being positive all the time. The balance of these factors will make an optimum health for us.

Nutrition that our body need everyday divided in 2 parts, which is:

1. Macro Nutrition: such as carbohydrate, protein, and fat.
2. Micro Nutrition: such as vitamin and mineral.


1. Carbohydrate (50-60% from total calories* a day)

From rice, bread, noodle, or pasta and sugar, which is simple carbohydrate.

Benefits are energy and vitamin B complex sources.

2. Protein (10-12% from total calories* a day)

From beef, lamb, chicken, fish, milk, egg, and cheese. Others are nuts, grains, vegetables.

Benefits are:
- Protein is one of the most important elements for our body, beside water.
- To help growth and development of body network.
- Replacing damaged organs.
- Creating hormones, enzymes, and antibodies in our body.

3. Fat (20-30% from total calories* a day)

7-10% maximum from not saturated fat such as red meat, butter, cheese, and yellow egg.
10-20% from saturated fat such as olive oil, avocado, and nuts.
10% from fish, sea foods, soy bean, and corn oil.

Benefits are energy source, protecting cell membranes, establish hormones and nervous
system, also sources and transportation of fat-soluble vitamins.

*Total calories: may vary according someone's age, weight, and their height. Please check with doctors to know total calories needed by your body.

With combining these 3 nutrition, we will be fit and have a healthy body. THAT SIMPLE!!


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