Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dynamic Duo - Acai Burn and Total Cleanse Supplements Help Lose Weight

In order to live healthy it is a must that you have the right weight & the right lifestyle. Besides other chemical means of weight loss, until now the only two options commonly known were exercising & dieting. Now the newest and a rather natural means of weight reduction devised by the experts in the field are acai berry & colon cleansing diet. This dynamic duo has been adopted by the celebrities like Oprah Winfrey & Rachel Ray. Their recommendation has brought in a lot of media hype to this diet. As a result, many companies have introduced their entries in the competition.

One known option in the acai diets is Acai Burn. Among cleansing, Total Cleanse seems to be a great success. They not only help you lose weight in terms of the pounds, they also tone your body and rejuvenate all your sense. Here are the key features of these diet supplements:

Acai Burn

o This diet supplement is designed with the idea to club acai berries and the Western scientific research. So it comprises of the extracts of acai berry. Along side, the other components of this supplement are: chromium polyniconate, extracts of gymnema sylvestre and extracts of garcinia cambogia.
o Many users have approved that they reduced 15 pounds with 2 - 8 weeks.
o Naturally acai berry has the potential to inculcate energy in the body. It almost induces a new spirit in the person. You feel more active & mentally alert. Also it fights the routine ailments like fatigue, lethargy and headaches.
o It keeps the digestion system in tact. This way it prevents you from falling prey to various chronic ailments such as constipation, colon cancer, etc.
o Acai is rich in the anti-oxidants. These remove the toxins from the colon & bowel area. This way it detoxifies the body well enough. It also prevents any further blockage of the toxins & cholesterol in the body.
o This diet supplement reduces the stored fats of the body and prevents the future blockage.
o It flattens the tummy. It also tones the entire body.
o The free trial sample of Acai Burn:
- Its duration is 1month.
- The age of the user must be 18 years or more.
- The shipping & handling charges range between $ 3 -to $ 12.

Total Cleanse

o It reduces 10-15 pounds with in 14 days.
o It flattens the stomach.
o It cleans the colon and removes the toxic waste & parasites.
o It protects the healthy bacteria in the intestines.
o It detoxifies the blood, kidneys, liver, etc.

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