Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Antishay Q&A #2 - Thinking Ahead and Muscle Milk

Another questions and answers session - this time a quick word about Muscle Milk and then talk regarding mindset, outlook, perspective, and planning. About the second question... the POINT which I make in so many words but that perhaps isn't clear is -- The reason we worry is because: 1. We are striving to be perfect 2. We are sure that one slip-up will be failure 3. We still, ultimately, think of our "diet" as temporary. When you switch to the mindset of true long-term, of LIFETIME, then you start to worry less because you know that perfection isn't expected (or even possible) and that your job is only to constantly to work on the self and get better at doing it right. I hope that makes sense :P As for planning out weeks, I find that if you "journal ahead" and plan when you're going to exercise and how much you're going to eat, you have a much higher chance for success. You can plan days where you eat more and where you eat less, according to the schedule, so that you have a 3500 calorie deficit for the whole week total (or up to 7000 deficit total if you're exercising). :D -------------------- Stay Tuned: Tuesday - Tips and Advice Video Tuesday - WLL Video ( -------------------- Thanks for watching!! :D Stalk me: --------------------

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