Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HD Serious Sam: TFE Karnak last part [All Secrets Found + All enemies dead]

Level: Karnak (last part) Secrets: Total eight enemies: 863 Difficulty: normal after a long hard struggle, the end is in sight. Another judge stands between me and victory. It 'was like a beautiful patio, that is, until the Bulls in a short work of his hatred for the palms. It gives me a reason to explode into a mess of clearing Chum. Yes, I'm here. I challenge your sadist, all the secrets, for the murder and the perfect complementanother level to my not "met" list. Just in time you must change the batteries in the mouse and keyboard. impeccable as always. 0.22 00:25 a clock. Total hours. The little lava golems, which are among the main products are the enemies spawn. As usual. I said a lot about this, I feel like it is written inside of my eyes. 02:21. This was a shot by mistake. Honest. Accidentally omitted here because my luck again to 412 forThey look a fool. 2.34 06.04 a clock. Throughout this battle, you must keep out of the witch-harpies, Bio Mechanoids Gnaar elderly and suddenly. This is the important thing to remember: in this struggle, we must kill all the harpies, until you have killed at least 15 women Gnaar. If you kill all the harpies before doing so, the rest of women do not seem related Gnaar 07.05. One last time Until the end of the level, if you followed my instructions and video...


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