Sunday, May 16, 2010

BUSINESS REVIEW-Mother's Milk Bank

Contact Information The first step in becoming a milk donor is to call the milk bank for a short phone screening. Please call the milk bank or email the donor mother coordinator to ask for a return call or to ask questions. Emma Flores Donor Mother Coordinator Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas 1300 West Lancaster Avenue, Suite 108 Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Voice: (817) 810-0071 FAX: (817) 810-0087 Toll Free: 1 (866) 810-0071 For other information contact: Email: Website: The World Health Organization recommends that babies be fed, in order of preference: 1) at the breast, 2) via expressed breastmilk, 3) with pasteurized, screened, donor breastmilk from an accredited human milk bank, and as a last resort, with 4) artificial baby milk, or infant formula. So many of ya'll have asked what it is I'm doing to produce so much milk, that now I'm intrigued as well. So I decided to keep a bit of a journal or one as most accurate as I could considering the circumstances of having two kids. I only pump at night time, 1 breast per session, & pump till its close to empty. I started this at 11:30 pm on July 6th. I usually pump 3 times a day on average, sometime less sometimes more. *7-6-09* 4.50 oz TOTAL: 4.50 OZ *7-7-09* 5.00 oz 7.50 oz 6.75 oz TOTAL: 19.25 OZ *7-8-09* 7.00 oz 6.50 oz 6.00 oz TOTAL: 19.50 OZ *7-9-09* 9.25 oz 6.00 oz 4.75 oz TOTAL: 20.00 OZ *7-10-09* 3.50 oz 6.50 oz 7.00 oz 9.00 oz TOTAL: 26.00 oz *7-11-09* 5.50 oz 6.00 oz 7.25 ...

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