Wednesday, November 17, 2010

product obscenity Medicare due 2009

Once again the media pushes obscene stories on the performance of health insurance. According to a recent health care for American companies and health insurance benefits in 2009 were over 56% more than in 2008. The report calls for a massive 346% increase in turnover of CIGNA.

The Liberals, funded by the Health Care for America Now, a study showed many of the company's "atrocities" of health insurance. Commit to make money as a riot, taking into account the payment of dividends to shareholders, and the inclusion of premium costs.

Most, if not all, health care for America Now, a study is correct with regard to health insurance companies for assistance. However, the truth is often obscured by the owners and shocking claims.

The top five health insurance companies recorded a profit margin of 5.2% in 2009. Wellpoint had the highest profit marginShelves to 7.6% of the profits. 3.4% of Humana's Medicare revenue was lower than 5.

The top five health insurance companies in order to increase the benefits of more than 55% in 2009. However, the first five showed a decrease of 34% of the profits in 2008 on a particularly bad year. Total revenue grew only 2.6% 2007-2009. Insurance companies have been able to recover from a bad year, leading to a sharp increase in profits for 2009, but onlyobscene or offensive, if the comparison of annual average. If a company or industry is experiencing a particularly bad year, with a good next year, net income increases appears to be very high.

Regarding the claim that the increase CIGNA 346% of profits in 2009 were they? Well, it's very true. But in 2008, CIGNA had a decrease of 74% of their profits in a very bad year for the company. Total revenues grew from 2007 to 2009 was an unprecedented 17%.

The media and stakeholdersThe work to demonize groups to influence public opinion. Many groups shared half-truths to try to induce anger and hysteria, the emotional reaction of the public. As an advantage, "CEO", "shareholder" and "rich" has become a dirty word to educate Americans themselves and seek the truth.

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