Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kingdom Hearts II - Halloween Town 1 Part 3

If Santa leaves the group's work, they see the footprints in the snow and back to Halloween Town. Malificent says Hill Ripple Lock, Shock and Barrel, and destroy the city you want for Christmas, but now knows that Sora is here, to go out and wants revenge. Shock when he asked what kind of revenge, "he said, it seems too Oogie Boogie. The mention of the interests of Oogie Malificent, and she asks him where he is. Crash and tells how Jackthe other gave him his last trip. These Malificent more and decides to raise interest Oogie Boogie. Sora, Jack and the others are still fighting their way through the hill and curly. Malificent Oogie Boogie has returned to put on and feel good again and thanked the Malificent life. When asked Sora, Donald and Goofy, who says he will never forget what they did ... but when asked what it was. said Lock, Shock and Barrel, and crushed by them, was with the help of Jack. ThenRemember ... because that's all he remembers. Malificent has a perfect plan for revenge busy, and Christmas Town, Oogie, but their strength has not. Let Lock, Shock and Barrel, to deal with Sora, and gives the jailer to keep them away. The attack patterns of the jailer is based on what children eat in return. If you block the ball to start the fire at you. National Guard or reflected. If not released, will surgein ...

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