Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chiropractic Generation

"Welfare" is a regular expression in the lexicon of chiropractic. E 'common chiropractic clinics today in advertisements for the title, and subject to many sites of chiropractic, chiropractors, many of which models are used to communicate information about the family tree.

So what is welfare?

Wikipedia defines wellness as is generally used to indicate a healthy balance of body, mind and soul that the results were in a general sense of well being and usedin the context of alternative medicine since Halbert L. Dunn, MD began with the "sentence of the High-Level Wellness in 1950. The modern concept of wellness (popular in the mid-1970) is a point of view of health emphasizes the condition of all being and its development conscious and constant effort to continue to live life to its fullest potential. on alternative approaches to health are often characterized by using two different expressions - Health and Well-being and the well to bePrograms. If these techniques actually improve physical health is controversial and uncertain.

DD Palmer, founder of chiropractic, it is estimated that the spinal cord (VSC) allow mismatches were the cause of health problems, most of the complaints and diseases of the organs, which were corrected by an incorrect setting of the bones of the spine to relieve nervous and sources "innate intelligence (inborn in the body) to act asdiseases of the nervous system to heal the body. The former includes chiropractic palpation, measurement of a thermal device ("neurocalometer) help, and X-ray diagnosis of subluxations. Today, scanning and X-rays are still used. Many chiropractors, projections, particularly of the spine , containing the computerized test equipment and thermal imaging, surface EMG on the reports that allegedly show subluxation of the sites generate. Allied Health Sciences, and many chiropractors strugglePalmer's theory of vertebral subluxation is not supported by scientific evidence and clinical trials.

well who is he? It is the patient's health or wealth that chiropractic treatment is the goal?

Many chiropractic practice, in turn, building consultants to assist in the development and growth of the practice. The doctors are consultants await the announcement of the responses of the practice to be successful. These advisors are people who claim to be a specialistmultidisciplinary practice, the genes of marketing, rehabilitation specialists, gurus and the promotion of best practices of well-being. " You can just Google the term "Wellness Chiropractic" to control the spread of this phenomenon.

From 09/10/2009, the Ministry of Justice, Northern District of Georgia, announced the release of fraud costs the health care press against chiropractors and Julie Weisberg Andrew Sokol (owner - operator of the "WellnessOne Clinics Marietta, Buckhead, Duluth,Vinings Atlanta and other places) for insurance billing on over 11 million dollars in fraudulent services.

Guess guru who uses the welfare of the medical

- Guru Welfare 1 (AG1) reported no structural subluxations (misalignments cable), but neurological. chiropractic coaches awake for the use of the practice of subluxation-based social model of innate and build a concept of welfare based on high volume. Offers "Million Dollar Report-of-appreciation" course, whichexhibitions; script to switch patients with back pain to health care for the first annual commitment to motivate patients to choose to care for a new life. Explain the best marketing tool on the planet - the proof of the Conference of Community and welfare Insight Subluxation Station, presumably checking new appointment with a healthy nervous system for neural models needed.

- Protocols of clinical Midwest GT1 says that patients 525-770Visits a week, and over 90% of new patients for the treatment of neurological patterns are unhealthy.

- Spa Guru 2 (GT2), reporting tools, and create a health system from within, a total revolution in mind and body, combining the latest technologies with the most advanced measurement and motivation program developed each time. Always offers a multidimensional (physical, biochemical and psychological) assessment of strengths andstressors of everyday life.

- Hospitals in the Southeast and Midwest GT2 protocols used by a charming hotel with a spinal adjustments, programs, personal wellness, surface EMG and thermal analysis of the nervous system, equipment evaluations, the position of the load, monitor spinal orthoses and pillows. "In general, certificates of $ 175.00 on the price of the survey (see X-rays and surface EMG and thermal scanning) and water massage, a value$ 250.00.

- Spa Guru 3 (GT3) indicates that the solution easier and more profitable for a chiropractor, once the identity (again) to go to a spa and specialized medical practice that the identity of a patient to ease the transition Life Wellness Center.

- Southeast of the clinical application of the protocols GT3 is the best health education and practice of true principles of chiropractic care, the best quality of care through modern chiropracticEquipment and technologies, including impedance analysis of biological and orthopedic examination, and total health expenditure to analyze neurology.

- Spa Guru 4 (GT4) Relations of the Foundation with a team of 12 managers of a mission and to maximize the lives of millions of people around the implementation of God granted through health centers, the training, chiropractic, programs Wellness Wellness products.

- Hospitals in the Midwest application protocols GT4 with a comprehensive approach to the pursuit of healthThe causes of nervous system disorders. users to examine the initial consultation, and X-rays for $ 20 - Standard is $ 250 to $ 300 claim better than the traditional physical examination with the use of modern technology, the best scientific research and proven methods to help restore the body in a state of wellness and vitality. Breaking down barriers to health rather than treating the symptoms. Free Wellness global inventory (valued at more than 200) includes a ranking Biostructuresneuro assessment thermography, nutrition advice and a cell radiation shield.

- Facilities 5 (GT5) wellness guru pointed out an all-inclusive program for high-level tools, experience and training to create a chain of office of one million dollars. Claims about the superiority of traditional medicine and community health care real illness did not matter. Points offers tours of the patients and clinical member of the purchases that can be redeemed for prizes of goodsMore services and travel.

- Clinical application in the United States WG5 protocols titled Free Consult / examination / X-ray examinations of the spine and posture. ADHD, allergies, asthma, auto accidents, back or neck pain, bed wetting, carpal tunnel, colic, ear infections, fibromyalgia, headache, pinched nerve, premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, sciatica, scoliosis, hernia, stress, whiplash, the well-being. Enter DRX9000, chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage.

One might conclude from the studywellness program that some chiropractic chiropractors in their efforts to build the practice of one million dollars, after being involved in the production of a model for chiropractic:

1. The combination of welfare services and business plans, chiropractic and products for access to medical care dollars for the health of consumers;
2. Boxing chiropractor a "back doctor" doctor "well-being;
3. Definition of subluxations of spinal deformities unhealthyneurological recognizable pattern to facilitate the management of all conditions under the sun;
4. to determine the use of questionable marketing, the projections of the spine and workshops for consumers with a source of payment (eg insurance or money) for chiropractic services in the future;
5. The evaluation of tenders and other free services (massage, etc.) for consumers at the clinic for the conversion of patients;
6. Integrating diagnostic equipment is to convince consumers to participate for printingRepresentation of the chiropractic subluxation difficult
7. Note that the use to improve the quality of chiropractic "wellness" of life, pain in the minimum effort, common sense of an activity, allowing the brain to communicate with the body of disease and disability. ..; Fighting
8. The attack involved colleagues and other medical disciplines, arguing that they do not care or are using the latest technologies, and
9. Increase patient retentionIncentives (for example, with a wage agreement) for their continued support and patients to sign the plans for the maintenance of a year and we are committed to life chiropractic.

So what do you say?

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