Friday, November 19, 2010

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, that bind from the Sanskrit word "Yug", connect, connect, and the yoke. This has resulted in general practice, the union of body, mind and soul. E 'is the holistic approach to wellness that yoga is its endless health benefits.

Offers yoga postures, or asanas, that all the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons are able to work the body. If done correctly and with an experienced guide, these positions apparently unrelatedWorking in harmony for all the glands and internal organs of the body in a deep massage. This stimulation and massage of the organs away diseases and often provides a warning of a possible presence of shocks.

A recent study by the Yale University School of Medicine, yoga for an hour and a half to three times a week can make your heart healthy in just six weeks. Many yoga postures and breath control technique forces moreThe consumption of oxygen in the blood in a shorter period. This ensures the supply of blood rich in heart muscle to help fight against heart disease and keep your heart healthy in general. the constant practice of yoga can also reduce blood cholesterol and increase fat burning.

Asanas that are good for the heart are the mountain, warrior, triangle, tree and lotus flower represents. The technique of controlled breathing also contributes to heart Kapaalbhatihealthy.

Breathing exercises structured so that alternative nasal breathing to help eliminate the symptoms, sinusitis and nose allergies customers. Yoga also focuses on breathing correctly and completely around the upper body and uses it. Therefore, the possibility may be limited by a deep breath held around the shoulders, back, chest and abdomen. Yoga postures stimulate the expansion and strengthening of these areas and the full breath. This helpsDecrease in respiratory rate, which shows improvement in lung function.

Unlike asana breathing exercises that open the chest to the legs raised, the bridge, the wheel, the cobra and mountain poses help.

Spine and central nervous system
asana in a fixed return after a routine stretches the muscles of the foregoing. Yoga uses the fresh weight and body weight for strength training. These two factors increase the flexibility of the spine and generally brilliant. Yoga reduces spinal compression and helps overall body alignment to reduce health backache cable. In addition, yoga helps the ability to reduce cortisol levels in relation to the calcium in the bones, making the chances of osteoporosis.

attitudes are known to reduce the pain comes back and raises pigeons. Half of plowing, Twist wire wheel is recommended for health Berg entire column.'s All fixed and well known, minor correctionScoliosis, or curvature of the spine. Yoga has stretched a specific set of attitudes, such as lifting Bramha, specially designed and the sound of the neck muscles, to see a group in general with other forms of exercise.

Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering blood pressure and slows breathing helps to relax. stroke behind low-chien, trunk, turn the bridge and the crescent represents may help to relieve the pain associated with sciatica. A new studyshows that yoga can bring the brain gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), aid levels. Low levels of GABA are associated with the onset of Alzheimer's disease. The emphasis on stress reduction, breathing and restore the overall balance in order to avoid the body, seizures.

Because yoga works on muscles and neglected parts of the body, which is to promote the functioning of the lymphatic system. is to remove the head, twisting of the spine and investment, and eliminate toxins to the lymph nodes importantupper body.

Abdominal organs
Continue the practice of yoga promotes better posture systems, digestive and elimination can work more efficiently. Not only increases blood flow to the digestive tract, but also stimulates the digestive intestine so effective. The calming effect of yoga relaxes the digestive system and leads to more efficient removal of trapped gases.

Some asanas improve the blood circulation of liver cells, sensitizedProvision of lymph nodes and liver of toxins from the peritoneum and liver. A healthy liver helps to reduce cholesterol, promotes better digestion and metabolism of blood. Yoga helps muscles to absorb more blood sugar in the body, causing the pancreas and liver more effectively. It also stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin, help to reduce levels of blood sugar may occur. In a balanced routine yoga stretches every muscle in your bodyaccumulate fat around. These factors make yoga very beneficial for patients with diabetes.

abdominal region poses recommend Kapalbhatti, cable speed and plowing through, took the leg, leg lock, the boat and lightning poses.

yoga poses like Warrior Pose certainly benefits the kidneys, where it reaches the abdomen, turn the colon, preventing constipation and improve urination. Other asanas good forKidneys and urinary tract are semi plowing, bike boat, and sit back and asked. Kapalbhatti breathe because its key detoxifying effect helps regulate the kidneys.

Yoga works not only the body but also mind. Like many yoga focuses on breathing and maintaining a structured approach to yoga practice forces you to look inward and requires concentration test. This allows a wandering spirit, which increases self-esteem and acceptance. The positive self-imagegenerated image and then the fight against depression. The meditation and breathing exercises to calm the mind can be controlled. Improves blood flow to the brain to reduce stress and improve concentration can improve memory.

Breathe in a pear tree in the flow of blood to the brain increases and stimulates the pituitary gland, helps to alleviate mild depression. other asanas recommended for excellent emotional, including the body, bridge, Palmera, Guerrero and childPoses.

Other health benefits
to help mitigate the movements slow and deliberate with yoga symptoms of arthritis - arthritis. Because of the low impact nature of yoga poses, gentle pressure on the joints and the potential damage is much less than other forms of exercise.

Cancer - Yoga is more like a red blood cell in the body. This helps to combat anemia in cancer patients, nausea and fatigue improved during chemotherapy.

Migraine - rhythmic breathingExercises to relieve migraine attacks.
The menstrual cramps - some yoga postures to stretch and tone the vaginal muscles. Squat and rise pose is particularly useful for reducing menstrual cramps and regulate periods.

Although yoga has health benefits rather than the real value lies in the quality of life, for approval. Through the practice of yoga continues to gain more control over his own body and mind. This feeling of complete happiness is a total health expenditure YogiReward.

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