Monday, August 29, 2011

Private Practice September 16, 2007

Shonda Rhimes will be released September 26 "in which we find Addison, a nice girl from somewhere else" (14.2 million viewers) is. One main scenario contains scenes in which more than OB-Addison idea that could actually be used with eyes open a little 'younger useful in practice, in a jealous "man Friday" on Dell. The result also provides Addison laughs at the idea of ​​midwives in the same way that a primary school student could - except, of course, have argued that, as one ofthe largest neonatal surgeon in the world, we must take to confuse contempt for midwives is likely to be the attitude of an expert in the birth itself. Addison asked Dell support during childbirth. Addison: I'm fine. Dell (suddenly all assertive): I have seriously. ... You think I'm stupid surfer guy, you think I am a voyeur. They have no respect for me or my ability to obstetrics. Addison (try not to laugh): I have the utmost respect for you and your ... Midwives?Skills. Not a single word - a midwife? Dell (annoyed): There is a word. (Pause) It 'definitely a word! He is powerless. Addison sighs Southland nuts around, and we think it's funny, the surgeon found high and mighty. But even if the show is a bit 'weird with him, it is clear that the laughter of Dell and Obstetrics. While a standard output of the arrogance of Addison, held the show pretending to be condemned, is a bit 'Hard ...

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