Friday, August 12, 2011

[DOOM] Nightmare Episode 4 100% S 1 / 2

Game: Doom map last e4m1 - e4m8 Category Movies: The nightmare of a direction of 100% secret Doom.exe tpoppins First, thanks for alerting me to the existence of more than are glboom correct ratio for monitors the correct widescreen aspect ratio. They have not become completely keep the look consistent with my previous film raises nightmare, but you will find the weapon and the sprites are much thinner monster before, and it looks much better. Episode 4, of course, by far themore difficult to follow Speedrun nightmare, and it was not done without cheating, in 1999. It 'a little' easier to make a long nightmare Doom2 full, but not as fun with two very difficult at the first level and an unhealthy dependence on luck. Fortunately, almost all the secret levels do not increase the level of difficulty, and once behind the mystery of the easiest things. But I think this is a long sequence runs in a nightmare, and sois the only result that is not necessary to register a maximum of troubled YouTube. So it's a bit 'slower than the others, I'm sorry. E4M1 - 01:16 very upset to be taken first, because it is very difficult to trust the fate of recurrence. You can die ten times, through no fault of their own. I am very happy with the health reappears here still remains on the red button until the blue button and all the monsters were very nice groups are removed from the way in which the rocket...

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