Thursday, October 7, 2010

Total Gym XLS Review - The Chuck Norris Home Gym is a real alternative to a gym

My Gym in New York

When I lived in New York on my gym membership is $ 70 per month. And is dedicated to the production of $ 840 per year. But I was also a member of my wife paid in the gym that actually worked up to 1680 per year! We have been for two years and has spent $ 3,000 more than half the cost of the gym at this time. And even taking into account the time spent at the beginning and at the gym. As you've probably heard it before, it's timeMoney.

Too little space for a Total Gym XLS

XLS has been interested in purchasing a Total Gym, when New York was to save money (long term) on gym membership and I have to travel to the gym, but the truth is that we simply do not have enough room for them in my small apartment. And this is something you should consider before buying the Total Gym XLS, which features a space for this device? It is not just the inclusion of amore space, but if you can live in a small apartment is not suitable for you.

Moved to the country

Last year, he moved "home" and, of course, now I have a lot of room in my house for a home gym. I decided to buy the Total Gym XLS, as she had seen Chuck Norris infomercials and it seemed like the perfect device for the overall fitness all in one. I am very satisfied.I think the results you get with the good (or better) than the results I get from all machines in the gym.

Save time and money

And, of course, put a tremendous amount of time and money than a gym. Yes, there are initial costs for the purchase of fitness equipment for home, but not as much as hard work, saving money in fact. And, of course, because it is no longer in the groupGym, there are many time saving and less excuse for this to fail.

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