Monday, October 11, 2010

Americans are surprised to learn that Medicare does not cover all the costs of health care

Forty percent of Americans believe that Medicare pays for 65 years for all health needs by age. Most older adults are unprepared and shocked to learn that they must pay out of pocket expenses that are expected to report to Medicare.

health problems and aging can be financially and personally devastating, especially for those who are unprepared. What happens when the cost of maintaining your home and your doctor The costs exceed the income? What if you need a long stay in a nursing home and pay up to $ 128 a day in the bag? Just when you thought impossible things worse, the costs add up quick launch. If not registered, you may actually need a mortgage or sell your home to pay the bills of health. If you are single or widowed and who have no support system, stress disorder because of his life andHealth>.

Medicare pays for hospitalization and rehabilitation of patients, palliative care (Part A). Co-payments for hospitalization for 2008 is $ 1.024 a day from 10 to 60, $ 256 for days 61-90, and has extended by 90 days, there are at least 60 days without subsequent hospitalization. In addition, there are 60 days old backup, when the 90 days, renewable used before. The fee for life is $ 512 per week. After 150 days, coverage ends

A qualified nursingcovered investment or if the patient is three consecutive days was taken to hospital or when the patient enters the facility, within 30 days occurred after hospital discharge for the same reason. The insurance covers 10-20 days at 100 percent, and 21 to 100 people, is responsible for an overdraft of $ 128 daily per day, 100 days ending on insurance. This medical coverage is that if improvements in treatment and documented weekly. If documentedHigh levels of improvement, the individual dwelling or downloaded from the expert system to continue to live in the current private pay rate, with an average of $ 200 per day in 2008.

Medicare Part B covers physician and certain preventive services. This is a monthly payment of $ 96.40 per month if the rent is less than $ 82,000 a year. Part B deductible is $ 135

Most Americans believe that Medicare pays for long-term care facilities in the traditional specialized care, however, Medicaresuspend the payment of 100 days is so people personally and financially responsible for their own care. Even if a person does not need a long stay in a nursing home is Medicare for home care, which is a non-professional care in the nature of the payment. It 'really the kind of attention that most people need to remain independent at home. ensure long-term care is the best option to pay for that care, but must be purchasedneeds.

In addition to traditional Medicare Part A and B, there are two options. The first is called the Part C is Medicare Advantage plan. Perhaps the most recognizable in the option plan Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser offers advantages in a pre-defined network of physicians, hospitals and other institutions. If you go to a doctor planning a network of lesser or no benefits paid for it. Some suppliers also Medicare AdvantageWe offer a private fee for service plan, the limit does not want a specific network of providers. If you are concerned to reduce total health care costs that does not care provider is limited to a network of health care, Medicare Advantage plans can be an advantage though.

Original Medicare is always the most popular program. As an alternative to Medicare Advantage Part C is Medigap insurance. These plans are named A to L, and offer many advantagesdepending on the chosen plan. It can not be excluded from the Medigap insurance if you are covered by Medicare Part B during the open enrollment period for the six months of the first month will be recorded and 65 or more. If you miss this window, refused to report on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions. may increase depending on the package chosen the annual premium. Some of these plans supplement traditional Medicare Part A, with ticket payment and hospitalevery day a health co-payment for nursing.

The goal is to plan ahead before qualifying for health insurance for the research to determine the best plan for what you want. And remember, it is important for both parts A and B at the end of the period of eligibility is available. If not, can lead to higher premiums for Part B during a period after the issue of registration of the first period.

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