Monday, October 4, 2010

Alex Jones TV 3.3: Alex calls for mass resistance of body airport scanner

Alex Jones calls for mass resistance against the implementation of body scanners petitions, boycotts and the necessary measures to end the latest manifestation of humanity Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet Tuesday, January 5, built in 2010, radio host Alex Jones asks petitions, complaints and boycotts in abundance in an effort on the national enforcement body scanners that show a total invasion of privacy, a block of health risk and the next wave ofTyranny will be measured against the American people and peoples of the world under the false pretext of combating terrorism. Our long journey to domestication and the dependence of the dictatorship of science is the acceleration, which is all our society has become a massive surveillance network is designed to track the people who advised Jones in his program yesterday, adding that the 'event last scan was the prison planet is based on the human race. Allywith the global movement of artificial heating, terrorism is on the other side of the clamp used to destroy the totalitarian freedom and progress in the developed world and national security, after the piano, he founded the progressive realization of the development of the implementation of martial law United States was marked by the kind of stifling security, we now see in the airports of our daily lives in malls, public schools, and introduced many other buildings. Jones warned that those who point...

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