Thursday, September 23, 2010

Death in Detroit - United States

July 2009 General Motors is clinging to survival with a little help from the government of the United States and the bankruptcy court. But many union members uncomfortable GM. GM wants to use bankruptcy to get rid of the bonds of marriage? "Get a guarantee of 10 people and ask them where they work, what should I do, Ford, Chrysler said that GM - which is why we call the Motor City," said Kenny, a former GM workers. The plant has already worked for the construction of 3,000 people, is currently working on a 50 employees. Discounts are everywhere. "GMhealth care for one million people, "says Dave, the Center for Automotive Research. That gave GM a competitive disadvantage of $ 2000." The issue of cost has inherited the cleaning company, "says Dave. Deputies United Auto Workers union, have reason to worry. "We believe in retirement, it would be nice," said Randy. With the help of the U.S. government pensions are guaranteed. However, the reductions in health benefits is a devastating blow for Curtis, a former employee who was executedby a drunk driver in 2001. "A new manager in turn to a new generation of Americans the opportunity to share their dreams," Obama said, announcing the intention of privatization and bankruptcy of General Motors. This step is Randy "withdraw." These words are optimistic lost $ 50000000000 for the taxpayer, 21000 jobs, meaning more cuts on the benefits of marriage. Manufactured by SBS Journeyman Pictures

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