Thursday, July 22, 2010

Find your total health Nails

The nails are a type of protein called keratin integrated increase from 0.05 mm to 1.2 mm per week and their main function is to protect the ends of nerves in the finger injury.

It takes six or seven months for a fingernail to fully develop. The color of the nail bed is pink in good health, shows the rich supply of blood.

The changes in appearance or texture of nails with weaknesses in the body or with other problems. State of the nails may bea lot about your overall health:

- The changes caused by malnutrition

- A dry and brittle from lack of vitamin A and calcium.

- Hang nails is a source of protein, folic acid and vitamin C in the lake.

- White stripes on fingernails are caused by protein deficiency

- Division of Key caused by a lack of hydrochloric acid

claims - excessive discoloration, roundedcaused by lack of vitamin B12

- White spots on nails caused by lack of zinc

- Cuts and cracks may indicate the need for a more liquid

- The red skin around the cuticle can be caused by poor metabolism of fatty acids

How will you treat your nails?

A. Do not use artificial nails, as this may damage the natural nail underneath. The use of fake nails, ascontributes to the spread of the fungus to build in the bed of nails. If you use nails, be careful to keep your hands clean, especially around the nails.

B. If you have time to do everything himself, a job that requires repeatedly putting your hands in gloves with water, detergents or chemicals containing rubber gloves. Chemicals also dry and crack the skin around the nail bed. Can cause bleeding and maypainful.

C. Do not use nail polish all the time. It may seem tempting, but if your natural nails do not breathe become unhealthy. Leach also polish natural nails and lipids make them brittle. They are also potentially toxic to the body.

How to support healthy nails?

* Supplies needed vitamins, minerals and enzymes and a diet composed of 50% fruit and rawFor vegetables.

* Eating foods rich in silicon and sulfur, such as fish, broccoli and onions.

* Mixed foods rich in biotin such as brewer's yeast, soy and whole grains.

* Drink plenty of water or other liquids.

* Drink fresh carrot juice every day that contain calcium and phosphorus and is excellent for strengthening nails.

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