Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bill Gates claims that eliminates the need for population TED

We apologize for the terrible translation: (Here are two short excerpts from a recent roadshow PDD (February 2010) by none other than Bill "Microsoft" Gates. At the heart of the leadership of Gates is the central dogma of global warming that requires the CO2 emitted by humans are the main culprits of global warming side. Under the warming caused by man is the man should destroy the planet if left unabated, the global warming dogma Fanstherefore, argue that human emissions of CO2 must be reduced drastically. As Gates Casual corrects the problem, and notes that one way to achieve this objective, to reduce the human population. Corrigenda entirely correct and accurate, it should be noted that Gates planned to human population growth, rather than trying to reduce the population has sought to reduce. I must admit that this last issue, which appears in the video is a bit 'confusing, and I knowdoes not mean that killing Gates is looking for people who currently live. In contrast, aims to reduce population growth projected. It raises the fundamental equation for estimating CO2 emissions from human pollution a year: CO2 = CE hours after the DP, where P is the population, S is the average number of individual services, the unit And the average energy for the service, and C, the average CO2 emissions per unit costs of CO2 per year is...

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