Sunday, April 18, 2010

Medical Business Mailing List

According to a research every year hospitals and related institutions spend billions of dollars on equipment, supplies, and services. In fact US alone has spent $1.7 billions on total health care in 2003, and topped 15% of the GDP for the first time. About one third of this, which was some $516 billion, was spent directly on hospital care, and another $20 billion on major equipment. Thus a mail list can always help to target the general and special products, to lucrative-specific and niche market.

There are various kinds of medical lists such as lists of AMA and AOA Physicians, ADA Dentists, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Association Members, and Hospital Personnel by name.

The American Medical Association list is the most comprehensive and accurate list of medical practitioners, containing over 600,000 physicians. The AMA assigns a unique number to individuals when the individual enters the medical school. The person uses this unique number throughout the career. The AMA furnishes with all the information regarding specialties, including both members and non-members of AMA.

Often the medical list of practitioners furnishes information regarding the specialty of the physician, type of practice, Board certificate, demographic, education, geography, licensure states, and phone numbers.

The Nurse's list is compiled from the state license information, which is highly accurate and targeted. The list compiled in such a way that it is possible to select nurses by specialty.

The database of a medical hospital list is sorted after considering several different demographics such as, geographic location, service area, size of hospital, type of hospital, other vendors, and service providers, affiliation with care groups, religious institutions, number of beds, type of programs offered at the hospital, budget, and number of floors. The hospital medical list also provides the addresses of admininstrators, reasearchers, and health care professionals who are attached to the hospital.

Medical lists are also available for medical related institution like clinics. Research labs, HMOs, and specialty centers. A high quality list compiled from reliable sources will always prove helpful to target the best prospects for direct marketing campaign.

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