Friday, April 16, 2010

CapnoTrainer, Breath Mechanics Training

The CapnoTrainerÒ provides for educational applications. The CapnoTrainerÒ has been specifically designed and manufactured for evaluating, observing, and learning breathing behavior. It is not intended for diagnosis and treatment. The instrument is for CapnoLearningä, which is about you and your body learning new breathing behaviors, in improving health and performance. Anyone can get involved. We all have our own personal formula for breathing success based on our own learning experiences. The CapnoTrainerTM makes CapnoLearning possible. Changing maladaptive breathing behaviours(HypoCapnia=CO2 depletion=imbalanced chemistry,PH,Blood Flow) The CapnoTrainerTM is a combination hardware-software system that provides for real-time computer displays of partial pressure carbon dioxide (PCO2) while breathing, both during the inhale and the exhale. During the inhale the instrument reads effectively "zero," as there is only a very small amount of CO2 in atmospheric air, about 0.3 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) as compared to a total atmospheric pressure of 760 mmHg (at sea level). During the exhale it rises sharply to the average level of PCO2 in the alveoli (basic gas exchange units) of the lungs, rising very slowly during the transition from exhale to inhale (alveolar plateau), and eventually reaching a peak value immediately prior to the next inhale. This peak value of PCO2 can be thought of as the "End of the Tide" of air, or ETCO2. This waveform is a capnogram. out of a study ...

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