Thursday, April 29, 2010

1 The emperors State - Vaccine Rights Rally Albany NY 9-29-09

Learn more - To prevent the flu go to - Ifyou want to stop abusive government join us at - Vaccine Rights Rally was held at the State Capital Building - Albany NY 9-29-09 [Total parts 19] This rally was to protest the emergency New York State Health Department regulation that requires virtually all health care workers in the state to receive Influenza vaccinations, including the annual seasonal flu shot. It also requires them to receive the H1N1 vaccine this year. There is a great deal of discontent among health care workers over this regulation, which was announced just weeks before the deadline. A group of nurses from Poughkeepsie sponsored this rally. Time is short. The deadline for vaccinations is October 16th for Albany Med. A large number of people are upset about this and are fighting back. Its time to stand up America go to and click on the primary challenge and learn what we the people can do to take back America. Contact your representatives regularly, give them a piece of your mind! Tell them to read the constitution and obey it. You can find your representatives here -

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