Friday, January 15, 2010

Body Fat And Total Weight Explained

Quick background:

My experience is more than ten years of strength & conditioning training with disciplines in bodybuilding, interval training, sports performance, tai chi chuan, yoga, pilates, nutrition and meditation.

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Mindful Exercise Prescription for:

Musician Computer Users-Students-X Gamers-Athletes-Cross-Trainers Fitness Instructors and Serious Beginners.

Note: a reduction of body fat and total weightLosses are not the same.

Remarks quick diets produce quick weight loss because you lose water, fluids and caloric intake. (By the way, you will also lose muscle mass if you do not eat enough calories to maintain what you already).

Depending on the fad diet, you also lose vital nutrients, minerals for the body systems, such as nervousness, digestive, cardiovascular systems, etc. are needed ..

Unless you have increased your metabolism,It increases the muscle mass or are planning in the context of a rigorous, stress nutrition for the rest of your life - you will gain body fat back, and sometimes with a vengeance. The body is your fad diet! Learn how you achieve your goals and stay motivated to keep it.

A reduction of body fat (not total weight) is best achieved with a sensible diet strategy training program based on exercise science and enjoyment. All factors shoud be conducive to your lifestyle is notThe .... in a fashion magazine

You Can Do It! AGAIN .. You Can Do It!

Proposals () key information:
Get a Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment - RMR estimates the number of calories needed for daily life and how many calories should be eaten each day (based on your muscle mass). There are many formula-get your questions answered on this assessment of health and fitness professional.

Next find out what your TDEE - Total Daily EnergyWeight:

A health and fitness professionals will use this information to create a nutrition plan. Combined with a strength and conditioning program, you can maximize your natural way of reducing body fat or muscle gain efforts.

Important Information RMR will decrease with the loss of muscle mass and increase with an increase in muscle mass. Decreasing caloric intake alone (fad, are unhealthy diet, etc.) do not increase your RMR. Avoid the circulation of the body againFat by implementing a complete training program.

All information is from Maximum Boost Workout Book © by Julio A. Salado CPT

Be well and stay active!

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