Sunday, October 11, 2009

Total Gym 2000 Review

With so many different models of Total Gym available ... is right for you? Read this article and discover what the Total Gym 2000 a good choice for your bodybuilding and fitness needs.

This Total Gym 2000 Review I wish you the straight facts ... No hype, about whether this model is right for you. TG is currently offering 3 models. The Total Gym XLS, 3000, and in 2000. While the Total Gym 2000 is on the lowerEnd of the scale, it is not a "Cheap Home Gym."

I do not ... cheap, the gym, in the sense that it is not convenient, because for most of the exercise equipment available today, it is very inexpensive. Buy cheap, I mean poorly designed. (By the way, all Total Gyms covered lifetime warranty on the frame.) This model is best for a beginner or someone who is not already prepared for a time suitable.

My Total Gym 2000 Review

Here are the main onesFeatures and benefits of what some people refer to as the ... Chuck Norris Gym:

Fully assembled ready to use straight from the box

Stores easily and does not require much space

Gives You diversity, with more than 40 exercises

Instructional DVD included

Free Shipping on All Models

Affordably priced

The only significant difference between the other models is the Total Gym Accessories. If you are not atight budget, then perhaps offers the Total Gym 3000 (more than 60 exercises, and has the ability to do squats) would perhaps be better for you. Another advantage of the TG-products is that you can more supplies to accommodate your new home gym.

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