Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NWO affairs uncovered

NWO plans uncovered; The NWO are the World Banking Cartel who own all 'Reserve Banks" - IMF, WB, They control the world economy, they have the 'rights' to print the money for all Countries under the UN, and consequently they make trillions of dollars in 'Fractional Reserve Lending' - The third NWO headquarters is the Vatican - keep on record; www.cleanairandwater.net Yet they PAY NO TAXES, and own their own FREE SOVEREIGN STATES with diplomatic immunity, at "The Crown London" and Washington" (google it) They reap in trillions of dollars each day interest from all UN member Country's Government DEBTS and are forcefully promoting more increased debts before wiping them out. Governments are coerced into taking more loan money to use as 'stimulus packages' to improve the economy so as to get governments into huge debts they will have no chance of repaying, preparing the way for the NWO to come in and take over all assets. They direct the Governments to SELL OFF their assets, usually to their own corp's the Rail, Water, Elect', Shipping ports, Insurance, Roads and Transport, on a 'farsical' attempt to have less debt to repay. Tens of millions people now realise the NWO will 'CRASH THE ECONOMY" and without any warning devalue the currency very soon, bring in their FOUR WORLD UNIONS all with a new currency. If Governments fail to escape their "TREATY MEMBERSHIP' and reject their NWO, WHO, IMF, WB, UN WTO NATO FT, control they WILL FALL and be completely under their total control ...


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