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What to expect after knee replacement

Arthroplasty or total knee replacement is major surgery and proper healing, orthopedic surgeon is important to follow the instructions given to her. The ability to handle heavy and well-designed floor after knee surgery on his knee must be maintained in order to restore movement and flexibility to ensure the knee.

Very generally includes the knee by a cartilage graft is composed ofmetals and special plastics, and includes a stay in hospital 3 to 7 days after knee surgery. Most hospitals do not release the patient, the replacement of a knee surgery he had when she can walk with crutches. knee rehabilitation begins almost immediately after surgery and may take several months. This is a fundamental key to a good rest.

Since it may take up to wait 3 weeks after surgery to repair the knee before him, each of whichThe weight is necessary for patients who have received support at home. If home care is not available, there are rehabilitation centers can provide this service. This would be in the middle of 2 or 3 weeks after the operation. During this period, keep the leg elevated as much as the bags of ice and use as much as possible to minimize swelling.

Since we are all different with different health, fitness and motivation and the complexity of a knee surgery varieseach operation can vary from the recovery procedure and recovery time. The following are approximate and may vary from case to case.

It is used for the first three minutes before four weeks after knee replacement, walking with crutches or a walker.

After this period, the use of a stick, it is recommended that two or three weeks.

Usually, after about 8 weeks, most people can walk without assistance.

usually takes 6 to 12 months for the knee to completely heal. ThisThe execution time depends on the exercises of the knee and the rehabilitation program is followed and the knee does not attempt to perform some tasks of early damage.

The level of mobility of the knee after surgery varies from person to person, but most people should be able to repair the knee of the curve 90 degrees with two or three weeks after knee surgery. Finally, many more than 110 degrees of motion of the knee repaired.

Mustpossible, the work was six weeks after surgery, are back. More jobs professionally looked natural person, together with your doctor.

After about 12 weeks, most returned to their normal activities and the pain disappeared before the knee in general, so far.

It 'important to remember that the components of the prosthetic knee can not heal when the knee is damaged and soCommon sense should prevail when the leisure activities, sports and work to reduce the risk of injury. Here is a list of activities recommended in moderation and should be avoided be approved.

Featured Activities

* Swimming and water aerobics
* Cross
* Golf
* Dance
* Cycling
* In case of operation of equipment using as elliptical ergometer and
* Desk

Permitted: Allowedmoderation

* Hiking
* Sports such as tennis or soft gentle slopes
* The jobs that are not heavy (driving, walking, standing, etc.).

These activities should be avoided at all costs:

* Jogging or running
* Impact Exercises
* Contact sports, sports that put a lot of stress son of the spin or rotation of the knee of basketball, squash, football, etc.
* Hard work and lifting.

progress total kneeprosthetic replacement surgery and is almost fully expected the knee for many years.

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