Saturday, May 7, 2011

WoW PvP Warlock 80

Flubber GNOMERGEDDON Knights Arcane Destruction Warlock PvP spec 80 deep link: link comment: Link Macro: My second PvP video. Edit: Thanks to transport 200,000 + views! This video is purely for entertainment can be like a video of BG. Plz do not comment on how unprofessional. I know. Constructive criticism is welcome, and troll comments will be deleted. This has left the average health of 16-18K. Warriors 22k mb. SoNo comment that "most described for me!" Well, the weather was 10k 2 / 3 of your health. 3.1.3 pre-recorded video! I hope you like it, I will respond to a review of the video to your questions ("Why RU a helmet lvl 60 with some clips?") And to explain the status of the blocks and their place in PvP. Addons: DBM Power Gladius normal account (FireRed) glyphs SL fear Conflag Health Statistics: 20700 Mana: 16000 bonus spell power: 2150 Crit Chance: 26.4%Resilience: 575 Software: Fraps Wind (full version), Vegas Movie Studio 9 (Platinum Pro)

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