Monday, April 25, 2011

Movses Pastry accident

SUV barrels a bakery had installed security gates as five years ago, but they arent enough. Zain Shauki Posted by: Last Updated Tuesday, September 22, 2009 09:29 CET NORTHWEST Glendale - If a woman driving his car through the front of the Golden Nazarian Movses Pastry poor his five years that can protect your business with ' installation of steel barriers designed front of the property. I was wrong. Early Tuesday, police said a woman in the parking lot in Burbankhit the gas pedal of his white Toyota 4Runner and canyons in the Glen Oak Boulevard at the corner bakery. It has a stainless steel case and broke a window, refrigerator, tables and chairs. No one was hurt, police said. The SUV skidded to a stop at after falling from a window on the second and next to the entry of a large outdoor seating area that overlooks Glen Oak Boulevard. I did not expect that to happen again, "said Nazarian, who brokeDigital photos of the store, such as firefighters and police helped remove debris and twisted metal, broken glass near the vehicle. Sat Armenia between sweet and salty shards of broken glass in the counter screen more than the cost of $ 10,000. Sample fell from shelves at the back of the store, "said Nazarian. The 2004 crash cost him about $ 30,000 to repair, but the damage Tuesday as loss of profits, and the days that you need for repairs on the fence Nazarianand Health ...

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