Friday, April 22, 2011

History Channel, after Armageddon .. 4 / 9

See also Playlist: What last acts of destruction that we have learned what has happened to humanity after the apocalypse? It 's inevitable that the disaster happened one day America to unprecedented levels? As we prepared the story? History of the most dramatic - Hiroshima, 9 / 11, Hurricane Katrina and others - are discussed and reviewed with the specific data collected by the huge consequences. The loss of water and food, the impact of the worsening sanitationhealth care and the rest of the population and the increasing use of violence as a means of survival - all show how companies responded and survived. learn how to survive survival Rev. History Channel special and disaster preparedness: "I am in no way related to video content, and in no way take credit for the content of" The message is that video rfid educational purposes mountain economic collapse accident manufacturer NWO CFR Trilateral dollars more fun than the bigRecession Depression Celente blackout Beck Paul Jones ship chips end icke new world order amero euro economic stimulus plan to hog rescue plan Obama teleprompter puppet rickeypickles H1N1 pandemic flu outbreak Armageddon

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