Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[DOOM] Episode 2 Nightmare 100%S 1/2

Game: Ultimate Doom Map:e2m1 - e2m8 movie Category: Nightmare 100% secrets Executable: Doom.exe Well, this was a lot of fun to do. I had an old time for this run of around 24 minutes and it looked far too slow to upload, so I decided to try a new movie run instead. First successful try was 16:03, then this. Couple of levels have personal best times, a few are maybe 5-6 seconds slower. And I think the run looks a lot smoother than my first try, which was just crazily teetering on the edge of control at all times. So, the individual levels: E2M1 - 1:18 Can be frustrating for an opening level, since the damage you take is quite random and it's very easy to get blocked. The two switches at the first area can be hit without their platform being raised, and if you kill the imps and sargeants closest to that spot you can usually hit both without the remaining imps causing to much trouble. Also a few seconds is saved by skipping past the second caco, I'm not quite nimble enough to push the last one out of the way of the door though. E2M2 - 2:21 My fastest time on this level by twelve seconds, and given the way I get blocked by an imp at one point this could well have been a 2:1x. Had some luck with damage and in particular with spectres not blocking the way, but in terms of control I think this is the best level in the run. E2M3 - 1:05 Pretty short and simple level, no great tricks to it. Just have to work out how to clear out rooms quickly and hold onto enough health to reach ...

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