Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Blaptica dubia Roaches Setup! Here's how I breed and raise my B. dubia roaches. My breeding bin started with 85 adult B. dubia roaches and 9 adult males. I do a 1/10 ratio on male to female. My excess males get fed to my Bearded Dragons or Ts. I started this colony from my original a little over a month ago. Had no nymphs, just adults, now I have, I estimate a couple thousand or more. I take them out after a couple of months and put them in feeder bins. If I get to many, I sell them off. I use human heating pads underneath the bins hooked up to a thermostat to control the temps. Water gel for moisture along with veggie scraps and oranges once a week. You can use any high protein cat/dog food or anything else for that matter, there roaches. But, consider the health of your reptiles and inverts. What your roaches injest, your reptiles and inverts injest as well. I have 1½" ventilation holes on the upper sides and ends cover by metal mesh screen. Easy maintenance. I go through about ½ oz of water gel a week with alI my roaches which include 4 sp. The great thing about roaches is that require very little maintenance. They don't bite, easy to handle, no smell or noise and the ones I raise don't climb or fly. It is so nice being cricket free, finally. I use roaches, supers or meal worms for my feedings, no crickets. Hope you enjoyed my roach breeding experience. Ifyou have any questions, special requests, send me a PM. If you haven't already, be sure to Rate, Comment on the video ...

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