Saturday, September 19, 2009

Water - Natures Cure For Total Health

I think we all are aware of the need for water in our daily lives. What I mean by the need for water, it is not just for drinking.

We use it for clothes, dishes, food, wash our bodies, and an infinite variety of applications that we could name them all.

But have you ever thought or realization that water can be an optimal treatment for our health.

Our body is made up containing 70% water, so it makes perfect sense why we need them and the need to constantlyReplenish our internal water supply.

I'm talking about the unlimited use of water for exercise, detoxifying the body, general health, healing properties, weight loss and beautify the body.

The greatest miracle in this resource is free!

If you read this article, I'll go like this you have probably read at least one, if not more articles about bottled water is no healthier then tap water. The only thing you really need is aWater filter system to keep harmful particles such as chlorine from the water you drink and cook with.

If you can install a shower filter or whole house water filtration system even better!

Pure filtered water is the elixir for the internal system of your body and external body.

We can exercise in water with a variety of exercises that strengthen our members, and build our cardiovascular system. The pool is our body in weightlessness andeliminate effects on our joints.

Various detoxification / Body cleansing programs use water as a main component in the flushing out of the internal organs.

Cleansing defined here as the conditions for cleaning from inside your system does not like showers (a little humor) is used.
· The supposed rule is 2 / 3 of your body weight in ounces of water to drink if you worked like a world-class athlete on our bodies 70% of fillingWater.
· Drink enough water so that when you urinate, the urine is clear.
• The consumption of water will keep your stool loose, so easy and regular bowel movements.
· Regular bowel movements will eliminate the rotting food in the intestines.
· Water dissolves more substances than any other liquid.
· Wherever it travels, water carries chemicals, minerals and nutrients with it, soFlush toxins from your body.
· Flushing your body helps to eliminate body odor, helps bags under the eyes, internal infections and beautify your skin.
· Internal infections can weaken the immune system and possible inflammation of the joints, and arteries.
· Tests have shown the proper daily intake of water helps to lubricate joints (not) be the solution.
· But drinking too much waterquickly lead to water intoxication, so remember to drink!

The list is only a few of the benefits of water as a remedy against all the help in its application to the cleaning and your health.

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