Sunday, January 15, 2012

15 Best Abs Exercises

How to Get Six Pack Abs Click Here to Claim your FREE fitness gifts, abdominal exercises explanation and muscle building PDF reports. Start slow. Set realistic goals. Do a total of 50 repetitions of abs exercises daily for the first week, then add 10 repetitions per week until 200 - 300 repetions are achieved. You must reduce calorie intake if you wish to see your abs. You can do ab workouts and exercises and you will never see your six pack if you eat excessive quantities of junk food. To get ripped abs, aim to lose a half a pound of fat per week while eating a calorie-reduced diet. Do not use a periodic lapse as an excuse to quit or allow other demands of life to distract you from you goal of having six pack abs. Vary or cycle your workout routine training routine on a weekly or monthly basis to prevent boredom or staleness.

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